Are air to heat pumps worth it in Ireland?

To improve the energy efficiency of your home in Ireland, it’s worth exploring measures that can help reduce the amount of energy you consume. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is by installing an air source heat pump. By using the air around your home to heat your living space, you can enjoy consistent warmth and comfort without the need to rely on traditional heating systems that consume fossil fuels. This not only reduces your dependence on non-renewable energy sources, but also helps to lower your carbon footprint. With an air source heat pump, you can significantly improve the efficiency of your home heating system and enjoy a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle.

Air to Water heat pumps are a great addition to your home.

Air to water heat pumps are a great addition to your home. They are both efficient and environmentally friendly, which makes them an energy-efficient way to keep you warm in the winter months.

In Ireland we live in an area that is frequently cold or does not have much sun all year round, air to water heat pumps are ideal for our climate. In fact, it’s sunny enough and cold enough to benefit from a duo system combined with solar panels. A correctly sized system can generate enough power to offset the running costs associated with this type of heating system!

Heating your home for the first time with Air to Water heat pumps.

Air-source heat pumps are an efficient, environmentally friendly way to heat your home. They use a refrigerant fluid to transfer heat from the air outside and make it available in your home. Air-source heat pumps can be used in conjunction with existing boilers or radiators to provide heating and hot water on demand.

How do heat pumps work?

Air-source systems have three main components: an outdoor unit (the pump), an indoor unit (the compressor), and piping connecting them together through which refrigerant travels both ways between inside and out. The compressor increases the temperature of the refrigerant by pumping it through coils that run across all rooms within your house; these coils are connected directly into your heating system so that you can warm up rooms quickly as needed during the winter months.

Upgrading from an Old Oil Boiler to an Air to Water Heat Pump

The first thing you will want to do is find an air to water heat pump installer. You can ask around your neighbourhood or look online, but make sure they have good reviews and are licensed by the relevant authority, ask yourself are they registered SEAI installers or certified with safe electric. The second thing you will want to do is ask them about their experience with installing these systems in Ireland, you want to choose someone who has years of experience and multiple glowing customer reviews. Finally, you should ask them what kind of warranty they offer on their work, and what product warranties and indeed workmanship warranties they provide so that if there are any problems down the line, it won’t cost too much money for repairs or maintenance.

Optimal comfort all year round with an Air to Water Heat Pump

Comfort is a term that means different things to different people, but when it comes down to it, everyone wants the same thing: comfort. Air-to-water heat pumps are a great solution to deliver comfort in Ireland because they provide controllable heating and on-demand hot water.

Air-to-water heat pumps work by extracting energy from the outside air through an indoor unit and transferring this energy into your home. The unit transfers this heat into your hot water supply for bathing and washing clothes, or uses it as auxiliary heating when required.

Switching to an air source heat pump will save you money on heating bills.

Air source heat pumps are more efficient and environmentally friendly than oil and gas boilers, but most importantly they can save you money.

Installing an air source heat pump in your home will save you money on heating bills by using less energy to warm up your home. The average consumption per annum is 3,500-5,500kWh depending on system size and settings. The cost will vary depending on your unit rate. It is worth checking with your electricity supplier about favourable rates for a heat pump as many of them offer reduced rates or discounts. .

SEAI grants are available for installing renewable energy systems, they are offering €6,500 towards installing an air source heat pump in your home.


Air source heat pumps are a great heating option. They provide you with a house that is comfortable all year round, as well as being environmentally friendly. The only thing that you need to make sure of is that you choose the heat pump installer!


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