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Rollout of €50m School Solar Panel Programme to Get Under Way

In an exhilarating leap towards a sustainable energy future, the grand rollout of the €50 million school solar panel programme is about to unfold. This visionary initiative, unveiled over a year ago, promises to revolutionize how energy is harnessed in Irish schools. Despite initial anticipation, the journey has encountered delays, adding a layer of suspense to the realization of this ground breaking project.

Embedded within the expansive Climate Action Plan is a substantial €50 million, earmarked specifically for the solar panels in schools programme. Minister for Education Norma Foley’s commitment to making funds available “in the coming months” holds the key to a transformative shift in how schools meet their energy needs.

Imagine the allure of up to 16 roof-mounted solar panels per school, churning out a substantial six kilowatts of power. Currently, a mere 5% of primary and 10% of post-primary schools in Ireland boast the installation of photovoltaic panels. This programme is set to change that, aiming to make solar energy not just a choice but an integral part of the educational infrastructure, a beacon of progress.

The September 2022 Government announcement was resolute, promising a scheme for schools with funding availability “in the coming months.” However, as is customary with ambitious ventures, delays presented themselves as challenges to be conquered.

Crucial to the initiative is not just the installation of solar panels but also the funding for schools to connect to the grid. This strategic move ensures that surplus solar energy generated during school closure periods is efficiently harnessed. Recognizing that the most productive months for solar energy align with school summer holidays, the Department of Education pledges fair compensation to schools for exporting surplus energy to the grid.

Despite concerns voiced by politicians at an Oireachtas committee hearing last month, an Assistant Secretary at the Department of Education passionately underscores the department’s commitment to surmounting challenges and getting the programme up and running.

As this groundbreaking programme unfurls, it holds the promise of not just slashing energy costs for individual schools but also steering the education sector towards achieving its emissions reduction targets. The 2021 Climate Action Plan set audacious targets, aiming for a 51% reduction in emissions for schools by 2030. The understanding of the productive months for solar energy, especially during school summer holidays, adds a layer of efficiency to the programme.

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Source: Emma O KellyRollout of €50m school solar panel programme to get under way


How will schools be compensated for exporting excess solar energy?

  • Schools will be compensated for exporting excess solar energy to the grid, especially during productive months like school summer holidays. The Department of Education has outlined a fair compensation mechanism.

What are the expected benefits for individual schools participating in the programme?

  • Participating schools can expect to significantly reduce their energy costs, contribute to environmental sustainability, and receive compensation for exporting surplus solar energy.

How will the programme contribute to meeting emissions reductions targets?

  • The programme’s widespread adoption in schools will play a vital role in helping the education sector achieve the ambitious 51% reduction in emissions outlined in the 2021 Climate Action Plan.

What steps is the Department of Education taking to expedite the implementation of the scheme?

  • The Department of Education is actively working through the practicalities to expedite the implementation of the scheme, addressing concerns expressed by politicians and ensuring a smooth rollout.

Can schools apply for funding to connect to the grid independently?

  • Yes, schools participating in the programme will receive funding not only for solar panel installation but also for connecting to the grid. This ensures optimal utilization of solar energy, even during periods of school closure.

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