Growatt Storage System


Residential storage solution is suitable for retrofitting existing solar grid-tied system or newly build system for home application, capacity between 3-5kW.

Hybrid inverter SPH series

Dual MPPTs, flexible configuration, natural cooling, multiple working model to maximize your system self-consumption, and saving your electricity bills.

High Efficiency

Maximize solar utilization, retrofit existing solar system to involve storage

Smart O&M

Flexible monitoring

Remote diagnosis and upgrading

Easy installation

Compact design
Easy to use

Flexible configuration

Lead-acid and Li-ion battery supported


System Diagram



With a charging and discharging power of 3kW, Growatt SPH series is perfect suited to coping with the electricity demand of a private household. The SPH series system is an ideal solution for new installations as well as storage upgrades for existing PV systems.

  • Compact design, easy transport and installation
  • Local graphical LCD and 4 buttons, easy to operate
  • Wide range of PV input power
  • Charging and discharging time &power are programmable
  • Support three-phase system with three-phase meter
  • Smart battery management ensures battery safety
  • Online smart service escort system operation
  • IP65 protection degree and natural cooling
  • Integrated backed-up function