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no more
nasty oil or gas bills with

air to water
heat pumps

€6,500 seai grants available 
  • Reduction in your home heating bills.
  • No more nasty gas or oil.
  • User friendly and easy to control.
  • Provides 100% of your hot water and heating.
  • Team with solar PV to lower your bills even further.
  • Works with your existing radiators or under floor heating.
  • Daikin Award-winning heat pump technology.
  • Heat Pumps provide optimum comfort at all times.
Installations across the Island of Ireland. 


  • Heat Pump absorbs heat from the outside cold air.
  • A compressor increases the temperature of the air.
  • The hot steam is then converted into water.
  • This hot water heats up your radiators or UFH.
  • Naturally the water temperatures start to drop.
  • And the heat pump starts the cycle again.
what you could save
Eco Heating

Air to water heat pumps are designed to provide you with 100% of your heating needs.

Renewable Energy

Three-quarters of your heating will be generated from renewable sources with a heat pump.

Hot Water

Air to water heat pumps excel in delivering the entirety of your hot water demands.

Invest Smart

Air to water heat pumps typically provide a solid investment, with return on investment in 6-7 years.

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