How does solar PV solve your energy bill problems? Well, first we better explain what a solar panel is and how they work. 

Solar PV Panels Explained

The term ‘solar panel’ is broadly used to describe panels that can generate electrical power and also those who’s sole function is to heat your water water.

Solar panels that generate hot water are known as solar thermal panels or solar hot water collectors.

Solar panels that create electrical energy are known as solar photovoltaic or PV modules. These panels generate DC electrical energy when under the influence of sunlight.

How Solar PV Works

Some semiconductor materials create electrical power when exposed to light. These are called Photovoltaic PV materials. Solar PV technologies uses a range of semiconductor materials. The most popular semiconductor material to date is known as silicon.

How Much Do Solar PV Installations Cost?

The expenses associated with setting up PV panels has reduced dramatically throughout the years. In fact, it is now cheaper than EVER before to install PV panels on your roof, with increased panel efficiency and incentives available now its the optimal time to make the switch.

Installing solar PV panels in Ireland  with a reputable installer using top-quality products generally starts at around €8,000. This cost is subject to a home survey and varies depending on a number of factors like your lifestyle, usage,  roof space, and orientation. 

The SEAI solar PV grant can help you save up to €2,400 on your installation.

Does Solar PV Chop my Energy Bill By 50%?

An average home uses approximately 4000-5000 units of electricity per annum, an average solar PV system at 2400 watts peak output, creates just over 2200-2500 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electrical energy per annum. To put it simply, a correctly sized solar PV system can chop 50% of your annual electricity bill.

It might take a few years before you can fully recover the initial expenses of your Solar PV System investment but the lifespan of the product far outweighs the payback period.

Final Statement…..

Before investing in solar panels, you need to identify how much you could save and the easiest way to do that is to opt for a free consultation with one of our experts. On this consultation we will take your bills and usage into account and then design a bespoke system for your needs. From there we can offset the annual savings from the investment cost to see if it is something that is viable for you.


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