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Irish Energy-Efficient Home Retrofits are the best in EU

Energy-Efficient Home Retrofits, Sustainable Living and Demand for Renovations

A ‘best in Europe’ retrofit supports the Minister for the Environment Eamon Ryan’s claims regarding Ireland’s role as a forerunner in the field of sustainable living. Ryan highlights the increasing demand for sustainable home renovations in Ireland, with over 63,000 applications for energy upgrades already received for 2024.

Energy-Efficient Home Retrofits, Sustainable Living and Demand for Renovations

Innovative Low-Cost Loans and Government Grants

Delving into the Carbon Saving Community Obligation, February sees the launch of an innovative low-cost loan scheme. Each low-cost loan under the overall Green Deal Framework, including solar panel installation, complements government grants, covering up to 50% of the total cost of energy-efficient improvements, such as solar panels for homes. Homeowners can borrow against these grants for long-term affordable finance.


low cost loans for retrofits

Revolutionary Solar Grants and low-interest loans for everyone


The new consumer loan product, inclusive of solar grants, is backed by the European Investment Bank in conjunction with the Government. Ireland-based homeowners can borrow between €5 and €75,000, breaking down repayments across a five to ten-year period, starting from just 2.92% interest. Financial checks ensure applicants can afford repayments.

NRG Panel’s Commitment and Achievements

NRG Panel, a leading solar panel installation and air-to-water heat pump installer, has contributed significantly. With over 8,000 nationwide installations and a commitment to increasing this number, NRG Panel aligns with the SEAI data prediction of over 46,000 upgrades in 2024.


Energy-Efficient Home Retrofits and Government Targets

Emphasising comprehensive retrofitting, NRG Panel aligns with government targets. The Taoiseach’s department aims to upgrade 500,000 homes to a BER 2 rating by 2030, and NRG Panel agrees with Climate Minister Eamon Ryan’s philosophy that a ‘big job is a right job.’


Comprehensive Retrofitting and Government Targets - big job is a right job.

Solar panel installations and air-to-water heat pumps are central to NRG Panel’s projects, saving energy and significantly reducing the carbon footprint in Ireland. The Irish people have embraced these retrofitting proposals, seeking more information on how to get solar panels and heat pumps to their households. We are aware of this trend and indeed we are happy to help with any questions.

For start, why don’t you check how much you can save yearly with solar panels? Use our solar savings calculator.  And when you need to talk with our amazing team, simply schedule a call and we’ll ring you back. No sales pitch, no sleazy techniques. Ask any question and it will be answered. Schedule a chat with our team here.

Success Stories: Reductions in Bills and Carbon Footprint

NRG Panel’s success stories include substantial reductions in electricity bills through solar PV panel upgrades and decreased operational costs with air-to-water heat pump installations. These efforts contribute to reducing reliance on fossil fuels and cutting the carbon footprint in Ireland. In a very short time, we were able to change people’s lives by reducing their electricity bills by as much as 70% in some instances, but the general rule of thumb is roughly 50%.

If you are asking yourself the burning question: Are Solar Panels Worth it in Ireland in 2024, then the answer is yes! The value of solar panels served in Ireland in the year 2023 and in the future is more than just money; it includes environmental responsibility, government incentives, implementation of progressive technology, and the overall move toward a more sustainable country.

These concerns will be what impact homeowners to make logical decisions when it comes to incorporating solar panels into their homes. Read more on how much you can save by installing solar PV here.

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NRG Panel defines home energy retrofits, including solar panels for homes, as impactful globally. The company’s nationwide installations contribute to a greener future for the next generations.


Government Alignment and Climate Fund Utilisation

NRG Panel’s retrofit solutions align with the government’s strategy, utilising the climate fund to provide additional financial support for businesses. The government’s focus on promoting the solar revolution and encouraging heat pump adoption makes sense with NRG Panel’s expertise.

You can also read and listen more in this episode of Electric Ireland Superhomes podcast, “The Retrofit Podcast,” a panel of experienced experts delves into the integration of Solar PVs into retrofit projects.


The retrofit podcast of electric Ireland. Join Cori Calvert, Retrofit Advisor at Electric Ireland Superhomes, Odran Casey, Product Lead – New Energy from Electric Ireland, Sean O Shea, Sales Consultant – NRG Panel, and Architect Hugh Wallace as they take a deep dive into the various benefits of integrating Solar PVs into retrofitting projects.

In the photo, from left: Cori Calvert, Retrofit Advisor at Electric Ireland Superhomes, Odran Casey, Product Lead – New Energy from Electric Ireland,
Sean O Shea, Sales Consultant – NRG Panel, and Architect Hugh Wallace took a deep dive into the various benefits of integrating Solar PVs into retrofitting projects.

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At NRG Panel, we stand as a premier provider of solar panels and air-to-water heat pumps, contributing millions of kWh in energy savings annually.

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Our fully qualified and trained team will conduct the installation and clean-up. From here, you are in our solar family, and as such, we will look after your installation and performance and help you with any issue you might be facing in the future. We are a recommended heat pump installer by Daikin and a Solar PV Installer recommended by Electric Ireland.

Leading Installer in Ireland

Headquartered in Castleblayney, Co. Monaghan, we’ve successfully installed over 8,000 systems across the nation. Our unwavering commitment to client satisfaction is evident in our personalised project management approach. Each project, overseen by a Team lead and a dedicated team, is delivered to the best standards, following strictly ISO practices and SEAI guidelines.

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