Just how GREEN is the Winter Olympics?

Over the past decade, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has promoted environmental friendliness and sustainability. The Olympics host countries have made renewable energy, carbon offsets and conservation aspects of their hosting plan. PyeongChang, South Korea, site of the 2018 Winter Games, is continuing that trend.

PyeongChang organizers have not been shy about broadcasting their efforts to achieve a green Olympics. Solar and wind power will provide energy to event venues. Organizers have created a recycling infrastructure and public transportation network.

Olympic preparations have earned some negative press as well. Conservationists have criticized the clearing of a mountain forest to make room for a new ski slope (when others already exist in the area), and some are wondering whether new buildings and venues will be used once the gold medals have all been awarded.

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Copyright www.mnn.com. Written by Josh Lew. Photo by Republic of Korea/flickr

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