Never heard of a heat pump? Here’s why every home should have one

There’s a reason why heat pumps are the heating technology of choice for millions of homes around the world. They’re simply the most energy efficient and cost effective way to heat a home.

Perhaps it’s no surprise that more and more Irish householders are choosing to invest and upgrade to these systems. Housing developers are also responding to the demand for more efficient heating systems in new homes.

The proportion of new homes with heat pumps rose to almost 40pc in 2017. Meanwhile, it’s estimated that heat pumps will provide up to 60pc of heating for households by 2050 as the government and associated industries look to remove our reliance on fossil fuels.

Despite their growing popularity, heat pumps are still deemed a relatively new technology to Irish homeowners. There is still a lack of awareness around how they work and what makes them superior to other home heating systems.

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  1. Where can i get a price for the Heat Pump?. and i tried to fill in the form to find out if im eligible for a grant and cant complete because theres NO “MARN” 11 digit number on my SSE electric email bill and i dont get postal bills from SSE. this is a glitch in your system so please fix it asap,. thanks.ted.

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