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Achieve Part L Compliance for New Builds

Solar Photovoltaic is the most economic, simple, clean renewable energy technology available that can be easily installed into both new and existing homes.

For this reason it is increasingly being used to meet the electricity needs of businesses and individuals in Ireland.

Simple to install, clean, highly effective, maintenance free and with a 30 year life span, solar PV systems are the easiest way to meet Irish Building Regulations Part L and to generate zero emissions electricity.

A typically designed PV solar system:

A typically designed PV solar system can consist of 4 panels:

  • 1.08 kWp output
  • Combines well with gas or oil systems
  • Will comply with CPC and EPC co-efficients
  • Fit and Forget system
  • A3 energy rating achieved

Energy Panel Ireland will specify a Solar PV system to comply with Part L regulations. 

A detailed BER report will be provided showing the results of the PV system for your new build.

DEAP calculations:

Our in house assessor will complete the renewable energy requirements of the DEAP XML file for your new build and work out the DEAP calculations based on the information within the file, and because we have panels of various wattage and type, we can come up with a solution that best suits your project.

Hybrid Solar System:

A typically designed hybrid solar system can consist of 3 panels and 1 thermodynamic solar panel. The thermodynamic solar panel will provide 100% of your hot water needs 365 days of the year in all weather conditions by using solar assisted heat pump technology. Average annual running cost for this system is €180 a year. The cost will be offset by the free electricity generated by the PV solar electric panels.

  • Free hot water 365 days of the year.
  • A3 energy rating achieved.
  • Comply with Part L regulations.
  • Maintenance free system.
  • Less panels needed on the roof.
  • 300 litre Thermodynamic cylinder included.

Benefits of having solar PV:

Solar Photovoltaic are one of the best ways to achieve Part L of the building regulations in Ireland.

Under the Part L of the building regulations a new home must generate a certain amount of its energy from renewable sources. Solar PV is economical, easy to install, has no moving parts, has minimal ongoing servicing requirements and comes with a long warranty.

To achieve the minimum Part L standard using Solar PV, a home must generate 4 kWh of electricity for every m² of floorspace per year.