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New era in Ireland: Free Solar Panels for Schools

“I am delighted to launch the Solar for Schools scheme today. It will allow up to 4,000 schools nationwide to get solar PV panels to reduce their energy bills and their carbon emissions. This ties in with the strong ethos of environmental awareness and climate sustainability among our students and the wonderful work they do in this area, most notably with the Green Flag initiative.”

Exciting News! Minister for Education Norma Foley TD and Minister of State at the Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications, Ossian Smyth, launched the commencement of the first phase of the Solar for Schools Programme on 23rd of November 2023.

Schools in Ireland are getting amazing upgrades,  in the form of a solar system for free! These PV panels help them make new, green electricity from the sunlight for free. The integration of solar technology into Irish schools goes beyond financial benefits, influencing educational quality, empowering community relationships, and overall institutional reputation.

This holistic approach aligns with evolving values, creating a positive ripple effect that enhances the entire educational experience. Let’s dive into why solar panels for schools are the way to a brighter and cleaner future and let’s find out, how we, NRG Panel can help schools apply and get installs professionally done quickly.



Schools will unlock substantial energy Savings:
Solar panels significantly reduce energy bills across Ireland, empowering schools to redirect limited funds strategically.
Strategic Resource Allocation:
Financial benefits enable investments in upgraded facilities, such as playgrounds, or allow schools to purchase much-needed new computers and other educational resources.

Decades of Stability:
Solar installations represent a durable, long-term investment, providing schools with stable and sustainable energy for decades. Our solar panels offer a 30-year warranty.

Financial Resilience:
Just last year in 2022 schools relied on donations because there wasn’t enough budget to heat the classes all the time. Stability in energy costs will contribute to the financial resilience of schools, allowing consistent improvements in educational facilities and resources, giving the school more freedom and variety with future projects, thus a better educational environment for students, teachers and parents.

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Using solar panels in schools serves as an educational example of environmental benefits.

Real-Life Environmental Lesson: Using solar power shows how we can take care of the environment, and it fits with what students learn in school, leading by example.
Cultivating Eco-Conscious Values: Students learn to care about the environment, which helps create a new generation of people who care about nature and are ready to apply and pass on a new way of thinking to the next generations. It is crucial, that Irish schools create eco-friendly, conscious individuals.

State-of-the-Art Learning Spaces: By saving money, we can update classrooms with the latest technology, creating a better learning atmosphere.
Enhanced Activities: The better facilities also benefit extracurricular activities, giving students a well-rounded educational experience.

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Futuristic Schools:
By adopting solar technology, schools position themselves as forward-thinking institutions, earning praise from various stakeholders, which indeed leads to attracting sponsors. Contributions from sponsors can fund diverse projects, scholarships, or additional green initiatives, enhancing the overall educational experience.

Preferred by Parents:
A positive reputation becomes a magnet for parents who value schools committed to environmental well-being, potentially leading to more students enrolling.

Shared Values Matter:
Sponsors and investors with a passion for green initiatives are more likely to be attracted to schools actively working to reduce their carbon footprint.

futuristic schools

Solar Savings Calculator



Unity in Purpose:
Coming Together for a Reason: When we work together on projects to help the Earth, like using solar panels and being eco-friendly, we all feel like we’re a team with a special job. Schools that do these good things make friends and build strong ties with everyone in the neighbourhood. It’s like having a big family where we all care about the planet!


Strategic Alliances:
Schools celebrated for sustainability attract partnerships that open doors to unique educational opportunities, workshops, and internships.

Specialised Learning:
Collaborations with environmental organisations result in tailored programs focused on environmental sciences, bringing richness to the educational landscape.

building community


The following areas have selected schools to participate in the pilot phase. The expression of interest was opened via the School Hub on November 30th, 2023. There are currently over 900 installations in progress, and the numbers are increasing every day.

  • Co. Clare
  • Co. Donegal
  • Co. Dublin
  • Co. Galway
  • Co. Kerry
  • Co. Kilkenny
  • Co. Leitrim
  • Co. Limerick
  • Co. Offaly
  • Co. Waterford
  • Co. Wicklow
New Era: Solar Panels for Schools in Ireland

Ireland already boasts exemplary schools that demonstrate how alternative methods can be employed to mitigate pollution and enhance environmental conditions for future generations.

Beech Hill College, Monaghan: A Drive to Eliminate Single-Use Plastic
In a bid to eradicate single-use plastic from their school premises, students at Beech Hill College spearheaded an ambitious project aptly named “plexit”. The comprehensive endeavour encompassed various measures, including the discontinuation of bottled water sales, the introduction of reusable drink bottles, and the implementation of a contractual agreement banning the utilization of single-use plastics. The resounding triumph of this student-led initiative serves as a poignant reminder of the pivotal role such approaches play in effecting positive environmental change.

St Peter’s National School, Dromiskin: Fostering Biodiversity Education
In Dromiskin’s esteemed St Peter’s National School, students are wholeheartedly engaged in expanding their knowledge on the topic of local biodiversity, with a particular focus on the remarkable world of bees. Collaborating closely with a neighbouring beekeeper, the school has conscientiously devised a set of best practices aimed at cultivating environments that ensure the well-being and prosperity of these essential pollinators. Under the school’s carefully curated curriculum, immersive and practical lessons, spanning thorough research, the cultivation of pollinator-friendly vegetation, and the creation of habitats, deeply enrich the learning experience for all.

Galway: Championing Green Travel through the Cycle Bus
Motivated by the groundbreaking cycle bus initiative imported straight from the Netherlands, several schools in Galway have embraced this innovative concept to encourage sustainable travel among their students. The cycle bus idea entails the formation of student groups, expertly supervised by adults, who collectively and conscientiously pedal their way to school. Widely championed by schools, parents, and the local community alike, this pioneering endeavour celebrates exercise while simultaneously nurturing a positive impact on students’ learning journey.

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