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Ravind Jeawon

I’m thrilled with the solar panels and heat pump installed by NRG Panel. The savings exceeded expectations, especially with recent heating oil cost. Being introduced through Electric Ireland and valuing trust and reliability, I chose NRG over competitors with lower prices. Your non-pushy approach, clear explanations, and post-sales commitment are commendable. I’ve recommended NRG to my sister, and I trust your team for long-term support.  Thanks for the excellent service and innovative energy solutions.

Best regards, Ravind

heat pumps co. Carlow

Heat pump CoUNTY Carlow – case study – Mr Ravind Jaywon

Heat pump case study Co Carlow – Mr Ravind Jaywon

Let us introduce you to Mr Ravind Jaywon who was initially installed for a 6kW solar panel system and because he was super happy with the installation and production, he began searching for the best installer of air-to-water heat pumps in Ireland with a goal of reducing further heating spent.

Conducting extensive online research, he discovered NRG Panel, known for excellent service as a Daikin and Electric Ireland partner and a leading installer of heat pumps and solar panels in Ireland.

Eligible for a heat pump grant of €6,500 from SEAI, he requested NRG Panel to equip their home with a state-of-the-art 16kW Daikin Altherma 3 M heat pump, renowned for its discreet design and use of the industry-leading R-32 refrigerant.

Heat Pump Installer County Carlow

spending too much with oil heating

Reflecting on his heating cost history, which was in the last two years of using oil – €890 and the second year €1200 with the rising oil prices he realised that he had to make the decision soon. His curiosity about the benefits of a heat pump led them back to NRG Panel, seeking guidance to optimise their energy consumption and further enhance the comfort of their home, while he was actively researching, reading reviews and contacting different suppliers. 

The house, having transitioned from a B2 to an A3 rating, made it easy to heat with underfloor heating, further contributing to the narrative of saving money with a heat pump in Co. Carlow

other companies’ pushy sales methods put me off

The trustworthiness and reliability of our brand played a pivotal role in his decision to choose NRG Panel over competitors, even those offering better prices. Unlike other companies with pushy sales techniques, Mr Ravind found our approach to be informative and non-intrusive, allowing him to make a well-informed decision.

solar panels and heat Pumps in County Carlow


In the beautiful countryside of Co. Carlow, a family was dealing with their 4-bedroom place was getting expensive to heat up, thanks to this old-school oil boiler running on fossil fuel. So, they started searching for cheaper ways to warm up the house, hoping for more control and keeping rooms at comfortable temperatures.

Solution: HEAT PUMP INSTALlation

After conducting thorough online research, the family discovered NRG Panel, recognized for its outstanding service as a Daikin partner and a leading installer of heat pumps and solar panels in Ireland.

Having qualified for a heat pump grant of €6,500 from SEAI, the family entrusted NRG Panel to outfit their home with a state-of-the-art 9kW DAIKIN ALTHERMA 3R ERLA heat pump. The installation resulted in a BER A3 rating for their 4-bedroom rural dwelling, contributing to heightened comfort levels in the residence.

To optimise their energy efficiency, the homeowners strategically chose to augment the heat pump with a 6kW solar panel system, comprising 14 solar panels.

This strategic decision aligns with their pursuit of sustainable energy solutions while saving money on electricity bills.

FROM B2 to A3 BER Rating, Even Temperature, and Substantial Savings throughout the year

The immediate impact was evident: the home’s temperature became more even and consistent, surpassing the fluctuations caused by the outdated oil boiler. The economic benefits quickly materialised, with the family experiencing a substantial increase in property value by improving their BER rating from B2 to A3.

The solar panel system installed boasts an impressive annual production of 1,965 kWh. This substantial energy output translates to a remarkable 81% self-consumption, reflecting the family’s commitment to utilising the energy generated on-site to power their daily needs. The decision to invest in solar technology not only contributes to environmental sustainability but also provides a significant level of energy autonomy.

SOLAR PV + HEAT PUMP: A Powerful Energy Duo

The combination of the solar panel system and the heat pump has proven to be a synergistic energy solution for the family in Co. Carlow.

A detailed breakdown of their energy dynamics reveals that they consume 1,989 kWh annually, with an impressive 68% of their energy needs met independently. This substantial degree of energy independence significantly reduces their reliance on the grid, accounting for only 32% of their total energy consumption.

yearly consumption and production

The provided case study features visuals and comprehensive details of a genuine heat pump installation conducted by our team. The homeowner has generously permitted us to showcase their residence as an example, encouraging others to consider transitioning to heat pumps in Ireland.

NRG Panel holds a prominent position as Ireland’s leading renewable energy installers, specialising in Solar PV Panels and Air to Water Heat Pumps. With a robust portfolio of over 8,000 installations nationwide, we bring over 20 years of expertise and top quality to every project.

Our commitment to excellence is underscored by our  SEAI registration and triple ISO accreditation.

For more information about our installations, visit our website: NRG Panel

case study county Carlow DAIKIN ALTHERMA 3R ERLA 9kW heat pump

Why choose nrg panel to install?

Our objective was to substantially decrease the customer’s expenses while ensuring a comfortably warm home and hot water, all while reducing their carbon footprint and improving their BER rating.

After the installation of the heat pump, we engaged with the homeowners, and they conveyed their utmost satisfaction with the professional service and top-notch products delivered.

Investing in an air-to-water heat pump proves to be valuable, and NRG Panel stands out as a premier installer.

Mr Ravind said: “Other companies were giving me even better prices, but the approach was quite aggressive and I didn’t feel like I could trust them. On the other hand, customer care from NRG Panel was extremely polite and patiently explained the process, and all other questions I had. That made me realise that this is the company I want to be dealing with. That this company is here to stay and won’t disappear after a few years.”

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In Ireland, there are numerous advantages to having a air to water heatpump, given the climate and energy situation. Listed below are some key benefits:

1. Energy Efficiency: By extracting heat from the air, heat pumps are highly efficient at providing effective heating. This leads to reduced energy consumption and lower heating costs. Check our article about heat pumps here.

2. Cost Savings: Heat pumps can be a cost-effective alternative for home heating, especially in the long term, as they have been designed to save on energy costs.

3. Environmental Considerations: Heat pumps are environmentally friendly because they utilise renewable energy sources such as air or ground heat. This reduces reliance on fossil fuels, resulting in decreased carbon emissions and a more sustainable environment.

4. Versatility: Heat pumps can heat spaces, making them advantageous in Ireland’s temperate climate, offering efficient heating in winter.

5. Government Incentives: Government SEAI grants and incentives are available to promote the installation of renewable energy systems like heat pumps, making them more affordable to invest in initially.

6. Increased Property Value: There are some smaller changes you can make which will also result in energy savings and an improved BER, but things like installing an air to water heat pump and solar PV panels will not only increase your BER rating it will save you hundreds of euros every year.

7. Reduced Dependency on Fossil Fuels: By using a heat pump, you decrease dependence on traditional heating methods that rely on burning fossil fuels, thereby reducing your carbon footprint and contributing to the country’s shift towards cleaner energy sources. They are innovative efficient and affordable thanks to the government funds mentioned above.

8. Consistent Heating in cold climate: Heat pumps provide a reliable and consistent source of heating, ensuring year-round comfort in your home.

NRG PANEL IS the leading installer of HEAT PUMPs in County Carlow & nationwide and our customers agree!

We adopt a consultative and friendly approach, ensuring you won’t experience the typical pushy sales pitch that pervades our industry. Our consultants are extensively trained, and our consultations for air-to-water heat pumps are entirely complimentary. We want you to be 100% informed about all aspects before you make any decision.

After the consultation, if you determine that an air-to-water heat pump isn’t the ideal choice for your needs, there’s no obligation to proceed with the installation. However, you might be enticed by the opportunity to achieve high efficiency in your home’s space heating through radiators, an underfloor heating system, and warm air convectors. The versatility of the heat pump extends to heating water for your daily needs.

The overall advantage of acquiring a heat pump is creating a home that maintains a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere throughout the entire year. Heat pumps not only save space but also contribute to the increasing value of your home as they gain popularity. Moreover, their high energy efficiency, eco-friendly nature, and dehumidifying capabilities make them a valuable addition to any household.

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Who knows, you could potentially become a part of our next case study!

Heat Pump Instals 3


We, at NRG Panel recommend Daikin Air-to-Water Heat Pump. Daikin is the leading manufacturer and supplier of heating, ventilation, and air-cooling equipment. Daikin’s advanced heat pump and inverter technologies deliver optimum energy efficiency. Unique designs, including inverter-driven compressors and natural convection heat distribution, ensure the quiet operation of Daikin indoor and outdoor units.

SEAI is offering a grant incentive of up to €6,500 for air to water heat pump installations.

Apartment (Any) €4,500

Semi-Detached/End of Terrace/Detached/Mid Terrace €6,500

There is also an SEAI incentive of €200 for a technical assessment and €50 for a BER assessment.

In order to qualify for the air to water heat pump grant, your home must be built and occupied prior to 2021 and have a heat loss indicator of 2 W/K/m2 or lower.

Finally, in order to be eligible, you must not have been in receipt of the air to water heat pump grant in the past.

Generally, air to water heat pumps can cost between €13,000-€17,000 but to determine an exact cost, we would have to conduct a technical assessment which is a detailed heat loss survey of your home.

This step is also required by the SEAI who is offering a grant for air to water heat pumps of €6,500.

The annual average consumption ranges from 3,000 to 5,000 kWh, depending on factors such as the size of the system, the size of the home, and its efficiency, as well as the running settings configured. The cost will vary depending on these factors and on your unit rate. Checking with your electricity supplier about favourable rates for heat pumps is recommended, as many of them offer discounts or reduced day/night rates.

An air to water heat pump extracts low temperature energy from the environment and increases its temperature for heating purposes. Heat pump efficiencies are normally quoted as the coefficient of performance of the system, these are typically in the range 3 to 5. In other words, extracting heat from renewable sources requires just 1kW of electrical input to generate 3kW to 5kW of heating output. Heat pump systems, therefore, are 3 to 5 times more efficient than fossil fuel boilers and are more than capable of warming a house completely, even during the lowest winter temperatures.

Air passes through the heat exchanger outside called the evaporator and the refrigerant gas absorbs heat from the outside air and evaporates. The vapour passes into the compressor and by compression increases its temperature and pressure. Hot vapour is condensed in the 2nd heat exchanger, the heat is being passed by water onto heating or domestic hot water system. The liquid refrigerant passes back through the expansion valve, reducing its pressure ready to start the cycle again.

A heat pump’s efficiency is often referred to as a “Coefficient of Performance” (COP) and all heat pump manufacturers are giving this value for nominal conditions of 7°C outdoor temperature and 35°C flow temperature.

The Coefficient of Performance (or COP) describes the ratio of electrical power used to heating power produced under fixed input and output conditions by the heat pump unit only. A COP is used for examining the performance of a heat pump unit at ideal test conditions, usually in a laboratory.

COP of 4 means for every 1kW of electrical energy used, 4kW of useful energy is produced – a net 3kW of useful energy will be ‘free’ generated by the heat pump.
Air to water heat pump – can be used in conjunction with underfloor heating and low temperature radiators, aluminium or steel panel or fan coils which require flow temperatures up to 55 °C

A heat pump can heat an indoor space and heat up a DHW (Domestic Hot Water) cylinder by the means of a refrigerant gas that can evaporate even at -25 °C. The refrigerant inside the piping helps in transporting this energy between the inside and outside of your home. This is the reason why there is an indoor and outdoor unit. The substances used have such properties that the process is the most energy efficient and achievable with technology, which is safe to use. There are a few types of refrigerants that Daikin has invented and still owns the patent on them, such as: R410 and the most environmental friendly & energy-efficient R32.

The main and singular drawback of air source heat pumps lies in the initial expense. However, it’s crucial to recognise that after an initial period of 5-6 years, the savings accrued from not paying for oil or kerosene can transform this initial cost into a long-term advantage.