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Peter Doherty

Very efficient and extremely customer friendly. Installation was fast, It’s the 18th November and we have a full tank of hot water. Delighted with our experience.

Read what our customer Peter Doherty has to say about our solar panels Donegal solution.

The following case study was conducted by NRG Panel. This case study contains imagery and details of a genuine solar panel installation carried out by our team.  This customer has given us permission to use their home as an example to encourage others to make the switch to solar PV. NRG Panel are the leading solar panel installers in Ireland. We specialise in solar PV and air to water heat pumps and have completed over 8,000 installation nationwide. We have over 20 years’ experience and are SEAI registered along with triple ISO accredited so you can be sure you have made the right choice going with us.

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This case study was carried out on an installation and is great example of solar panels Donegal

Peter got in contact with us back in November 2020 as he wanted to see are solar panels worth it for him. He chose solar panels because he was always interested in the idea of “free energy” and the idea of reducing his carbon footprint was attractive.  Peter is in living in a detached bungalow in Co. Donegal. Prior to having solar panels installed in his home his BER rating was a B2 and he was spending around €140.00 Bimonthly on his electricity. His home is facing south, and he has a slate roof with some Velux windows.

His BER after installation was brought up to a B1 meaning that Peter qualified for the SEAI grant incentive of €1,800 for panel only installation. This grant can increase up to €3,000 if you add a battery system to your installation.


UPDATE 2022: Exciting news as the Solar PV grants have just changed for 2022. They have scrapped the BER requirement and the 2011 year of construction requirement.

New solar grant eligibility: Home must be built and occupied prior to 2021 & and you must also never have been in receipt of a PV grant at this address in the past.

New solar grant amount: €900 per kWp up to 2kWp and €300 for every additional kWp up to 4kWp. – No grant aid available for battery 


After our consultation, our energy expert designed a bespoke system for this customer. They decided that the best option based on the monthly electricity usage, lifestyle, roof space and orientation would be a 10 panel system on the south facing roof, the inverter was installed in the attic. Peter was interested in heating his water and reducing his dependence on fossil fuels, so we added on an Eddi diverter and this was installed in the hot press.

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The installation team arrived in the early hours of the morning in November 2020 and were finished up by just after lunch. Our aim was to save this customer up to 50% on his bills and to also provide him with some hot water, all the while reducing his carbon footprint and increasing his BER rating.

On the graph below you will see the information available to all customers with our handy Solis app, this allows you to not only see your annual generation and consumption but to add things like your construction cost and unit rate to estimate your payback.  Unfortunately Peter has not set up his unit price on his app so we can only estimate that he uses approx. 8,842 units per annum going off his €140 monthly bill assuming that he pays the average of 19c per unit.  His system has already produced 2,127kWh and we are only on September 4th – Going off other similar systems we have installed, we can estimate that he will produce another 800-1,000kWh by the end of the year – if he is clever about how he uses his energy (i.e staggering high consumption items, doing laundry on sunny days etc.) he could cover up to 3,000-3,200kWh of his usage  around €500-€600 per annum.

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We caught up with Peter since the solar panel install and he is delighted with the new system he informed us that the system is providing him with a tankful of hot water every day, and that includes days without direct sunshine.  In the dark days of winter, he still got hot water when the sun shone. Usually from 10 am to 2pm. The hours expanded with the longer days and he has hot water everyday now. He strongly recommends NRG Panel to anyone considering installing solar panels and does so with confidence. He found the installation quick and efficient, and he liked the fact that there were advisors to answer all his queries along the way.  Solar panels are a great investment and NRG Panel are the right choice in renewable energy partners but don’t take our word – Check out this wicked review left on Google by Peter after he was installed.

‘’ Very efficient and extremely customer friendly. Installation was fast, It’s the 18th November and we have a full tank of hot water. Delighted with our experience ‘’

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We are the leading installer for solar panels Donegal and nationwide and our customers agree!

We use a consultative approach, so you will not get that pushy sales pitch that is all too prevalent in our industry – our consultants are highly trained and our solar panel consultations are completely free.

You have no obligation to proceed with the install if you decide solar PV is not for you after the consultation. However, you may like the idea of saving up to 50% on your electricity bills along with heating your water, charging your car, reducing your carbon footprint and getting paid for excess energy.

Who knows, maybe you could be part of our case studies next year!

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