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Cyril Treacy

I’ve recouped my investment in just three years! With my electric vehicles now 50% charged at home using solar power, and working from home, it’s the perfect setup. Substantial savings of around €700 annually on electricity and an additional €2000 on diesel make the decision even more rewarding. With no electricity bills since summer 2022 and a smart meter earning me 24 cents for every exported kWh, I anticipate saving an impressive €70,000 over the 25-year lifetime of the system.

The following case study was conducted by NRG Panel in 2024. This case study contains imagery and details of a genuine solar PV panel installation carried out by our team.  This customer has given us permission to use their home as an example to encourage others to make the switch to solar PV. NRG Panel are the leading solar panel installers in Ireland. We specialise in solar PV and air to water heat pumps and have completed over 8,000 installation nationwide. We have over 20 years’ experience and are SEAI registered along with triple ISO accredited so you can be sure you have made the right choice going with us.

I Have my Money back just 3 years later

Cyril got in contact with us back in September 2020 as he wanted to see were solar panels worth it for him, he had been looking into them for a while and had done his research. He had decided he wanted to decarbonate his life in 2020 by switching from two diesels to two EVs and installing a powerful solar PV system saving approx. 8 tons of CO2 each year.

Cyril is living in a 1950’s two-storey semi-detached house. Prior to the installation Cyril’s BER rating was B2 and moved to A2 with solar – astoundingly his BER was an E1 when he bought the house in 2012, those letters add a lot of value to the property as it is now rated almost as highly as a new build.

Cyril wisely invested in a system comprising 15, 355kW panels complemented by a Solis inverter, and a Myenergi Harvi, Eddi, and Zappi. Little did Cyril know that this investment would revolutionise their energy consumption and lead to remarkable financial benefits, paving the way for substantial savings on his electricity bills.

Fast forward three years, and Cyril found himself not just breaking even but enjoying a surplus. Working from the comfort of his solar-powered home in Dublin, Cyril discovered the joy of having the two electric vehicles parked in the driveway now 50% charged at home, thanks to the efficient setup of his new solar panels.

The house transitioned from an E1 to an A2 BER rating

The financial gains were impressive – Cyril experienced a saving of €700 annually on electricity costs, and an additional €2000 on diesel, showcasing the tangible benefits of saving money with solar.

Diligent about tracking expenses, Cyril monitored utility bills for tax purposes. The last 12 months saw €600 in electricity bills and an equal amount for gas.

The house, having transitioned from an E1 to an A2 rating, made it easy to heat with underfloor heating.

Since the summer of 2022, Cyril had not paid an electricity bill, thanks to a €600 credit combined with €287 in export payments over the past year, illustrating the benefits of the microgeneration scheme and financial wisdom of investing in solar panels.

With the smart meter now in play, Cyril will receive 24 cents for every exported kWh, adding to his savings and return on investment.

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Cyril’s story is a powerful reminder of the impact we can have when we choose to go solar.

His only regret? Not doing it sooner. We’re proud to have been part of Cyril’s journey to reduce his carbon footprint and make a positive change for the planet.

At NRG Panel, we’re committed to providing top-notch solar installations, and Cyril’s testimonial speaks volumes about the quality of our service. Join Cyril and countless others who are making a difference with solar energy.

Let’s work together to build a greener, more sustainable future.

looking for a solar installer in the dublin area

We use a consultative approach, so you will not get that pushy sales pitch that is all too prevalent in our industry – our consultants are highly trained and our solar panel consultations are completely free.

You have no obligation to proceed with the installation if you decide solar PV or any of our products aren’t right for you after the consultation.

However, you may like the idea of saving up to 50% on your electricity bills along with heating your water, charging your car, reducing your carbon footprint and getting paid for excess energy.

Who knows, maybe you could be part of our case studies next year!