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Planning Restrictions to be Eased for Solar Panels in Ireland

Some good news for solar panels in Ireland.

The planning permission restrictions are to be eased to assist with the growing demand for solar energy in Ireland.

 The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) were the ones who prompted this move. They noted that a lot of schools and community buildings had an interest in a renewable energy source, namely solar panels, but the planning permission was a deferring factor to these people not pursuing with the installation.

The main reason behind the planning permission restrictions was to minimise the glare from solar panels on aircraft as to not pose a hazard to pilots that may be flying over larger arrays.

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The government are currently working with the Department of climate change and The Irish Aviation Authority to finalise the guidelines over the coming months.

Existing rules require planning permission for solar panels

Solar Panels taking up more than 12 square metres, or 50% of a domestic house roof – whichever is smaller – and 50 square metres or 50% of the roof of a commercial business or light industrial building.

The rules plan to increase the area exempt from planning permission.

Despite the current planning restrictions, the interest in solar panels, in general, is growing by the day, people can now see the economical and environmental benefits that solar PV has for themselves and the planet.

For this reason, the funding for solar panel grants has doubled in 2020.

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