NRG Panel basically offers renewable energy solutions for your home.

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Peimar Solar Panels

Peimar photovoltaic panels are proudly Made In Italy; every step along the manufacturing process, from the selection of the materials, to the assembly and packaging of final products, takes place at their Brescia facilities, where their team of specialist technicians and engineers ensure the continuous development of their products.


30 Year Performance Warranty

20 Year Product Warranty

Non-Reflecting Glass

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Daikin Air to Water Heat Pump

Daikin Ireland is the leading manufacturer and supplier of heating, and air conditioning equipment. NRG Panel is a D1+ certified Daikin installer.

Daikin’s air-to-water low-temperature heat pumps are the optimal choice for your home heating. heat pumps take the outside air and convert it to energy, which makes heating your home an energy-efficient process.


7 Year Stand By Me Warranty

Powered by 75% air and 25% electricity

Ideal for renovations and replacing old boilers

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