NRG Panel basically offers three renewable energy solutions for your home

Photovoltaic Solar Panels (Electricity & Hot Water)

Typically designed PV solar panels can generate up to 50% of the electricity needs for the household or business. The ultimate renewable energy solution.

Thermodynamic Solar Panels (Hot Water)

The Thermodynamic solar system is able to generate 55 degrees celsius hot water 365 days a year for your house and home.

Daikin Air to Water Heat Pump (Heating & Hot Water)

The Daikin Air to Water Heat Pump is a highly efficient heating system that has low running costs all year round.

What are you interested in saving money in?

For more information on renewable energy go here: SEAI (Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland)

Do you know your house’s roof can save your hard-earned money? Install solar Photovoltaic panels at home and generate clean and green renewable energy directly from daylight. Although, Ireland is not famous for its hot climate, whether you believe it or not, the level of solar radiation present is comparable to other countries like Germany, France, and Austria. That’s why installation of Solar Panels for the home comes highly recommended. At NRG Panel, we endeavor to provide the best in renewable energy solutions, and our PV solar electricity panels consistently meet household electricity needs. We also provide solar hot water panels to generate hot water for 365 days of a year and Air to water heat pumps for cost-effective heating all the year round. So whatever you are thinking of doing, contact us and one of our Reps can help you with any questions you may have.