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There is an opinion out there that Solar Panels (Solar PV) would not work in Ireland, this stems from people thinking that we don’t get enough sunlight in the summer, never mind the winter for solar panels to produce energy.

This however is not true, solar PV works in daylight as opposed to the heat from the sun. Ireland has the same annual Irradiation levels as many parts of central Europe, ranging from 1200 kWhr/m2/yr in the south of the country to 1000 kWhr/m2/yr in the north of the country, a good average for the entire country is 1100 kWhr/m2/yr.

If you consider our typical winters would not be as bad as many parts of central Europe, our mild climate is ideal for solar PV as we never get too hot or too cold and we have good light levels for a large part of the year.

Solar PV is a clean source of energy  – It uses the sun’s energy to generate clean green electricity that can be used directly in place of conventionally generated power in your home or business. It is one of the easiest and most beneficial renewable energy technologies to add to any building, whether commercial or domestic.

Solar PV saves you money  – You not only does it save money on your electricity bills, but you are protecting yourself against inevitable price rises from energy suppliers and potential energy shortages in the future.

Solar panels reduce your carbon footprint – Each unit of electricity generated by a solar PV system reduces the amount of CO2 emitted from conventional power stations. Over 25 years, a 2KW solar panel array will generate over 36,000 units of electricity and save over 20 tonnes of CO2.

Solar panels are versatile  – It can be installed at almost any location; usually mounted on a building’s roof, but they can also be  placed on simple ground-mounted structures.

Solar PV modules have a working lifetime of 35 years and beyond. As the photovoltaic effect is a naturally occurring phenomenon, there is nothing to say that the panels will not continue to create electricity for as long as they are in sunlight. A solar panel system that is designed, installed, and maintained well will operate very efficiently for at least 30 years. The best way to ensure and extend the life and effectiveness of your PV system is to purchase quality components from a reputable company that will guarantee that your system is correctly installed and commissioned.

Here at NRG Panel we use tier 1 solar panels with some of the highest manufacturer warranties and efficiency levels on the market.

Solar panel prices Ireland can vary greatly. It is really important that when you are comparing quotations for solar panels you compare like with like on all components of the system, there are cheaper models on the market however, these are not of the same quality or efficiency. You also need to consider the company you are dealing with, is this an established company with quality customer service that will be there in 5-10 years should you have any issues with your solar panels down the line.

It is very hard to give a direct quote as it all depends on the type of system the consultant designs for you, but prices start from around €7,500 for a 2.5kWp system before any grant subsidies.

The solar PV system designed for you is dependent on a number of factors including your electricity usage, lifestyle and the details of your home and roof, this is why it is important to have a consultation to ensure we are offering you a bespoke system specifically designed for your needs to maximise your return on investment.

No, you will still have an electricity bill with Solar PV. We aim to design a bespoke system for you that will reduce your bills by around 50% per annum –  The typical payback period on a solar panel system of approximately 5-7 years.

The SEAI are currently offering a grant of up to €2,100 for installing solar panels on your home. 

Who is eligible

  • All homeowners, including private landlords.
  • Home built and occupied before 31st December 2020.
  • No previous funding for Solar PV at this MPRN.

What is available 

  • €800 per kWp up to 2kWp
  • €250 for every additional kWp up to 4kWp
  • Total Solar PV grant capped at €2100