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The following case study was conducted by NRG Panel in 2021. This case study contains imagery and details of a genuine solar panel installation carried out by our team.

This customer has given us permission to use their home as an example to encourage others to make the switch to solar PV. NRG Panel are the leading solar panel installers in Ireland. We specialise in solar PV and air to water heat pumps and have completed over 7,000 installation nationwide.

We have over 20 years’ experience and are SEAI registered along with triple ISO accredited so you can be sure you have made the right choice with us.


This case study was carried out on an installation by NRG Panel and is great example of solar panels Dublin


Cyril got in contact with us back in September 2020 as he wanted to see are solar panels worth it for him, he had been looking in to them for a while and had done his research. He had decided he wanted to decarbonate his life in 2020 by switching from two diesels to 2 EVs and installing a powerful solar PV system saving approx. 8 tons of CO2 each year.

Cyril was living in a 1950’s two storey semi-detached house. His roof was tiled and was southeast facing which is a good orientation for solar panels. Prior to the installation Cyril’s BER rating was B2 and moved to A2 with solar – astoundingly his BER was an E1 when he bought the house in 2012, those letters add a lot of value to property as it is now as well rated as a new build. With a BER of B2 Cyril qualified for the SEAI grant incentive of €1,800 for panel only installation, he said that the process was simple and painless. It is worth noting that this grant can increase up to €3,000 if you add a battery system to your installation.


UPDATE 2022: Exciting news as the Solar PV grants have just changed for 2022. They have scrapped the BER requirement and the 2011 year of construction requirement.

New solar grant eligibility: Home must be built and occupied prior to 2021 & and you must also never have been in receipt of a PV grant at this address in the past.

New solar grant amount: €900 per kWp up to 2kWp and €300 for every additional kWp up to 4kWp. – No grant aid available for battery 


After a consultation, our energy expert designed a bespoke system for Cyril. They decided that the best option based on the monthly electricity usage, lifestyle, roof space and orientation would be a 15 panel system on the back south east facing roof with the inverter installed in attic.  Cyril was interested in heating his water, so we added on an Eddi diverter and this was installed in the hot-press and he also owns two EV’s, so we installed a Zappi car charger at the front door.

The system was installed in November 2020 in about 4 hours. Our aim was to save this customer up to 50% on his bills and to also provide him with some hot water, EV charging all the while reducing his carbon footprint and increase his BER rating.

We caught up with Cyril since the solar panel install and here is what he had to say – I have already generated 1,420 kWh and saved 1.4 tons of CO2 and saved €226 on my electric bill in just 5 months and have effectively an emission free house (electric, hot water and motoring).


With the new ESB Feed in tariff  I can start to help power some neighbour’s homes as well saving more carbon emissions and get paid for the surplus reducing the payback time which I estimate at 4.5 years. I estimate savings on my electric bill to be about 70% or €70 a month for 8 months or the year, €500 on motoring vs diesel which was €1,200 plus a year.


Cyril’s only wish was that he had done this a couple of years ago – we all need to tread more lightly on the planet and reduce our carbon footprint actively.


Solar PV is worth the investment and NRG Panel are the leading installer but don’t take our word – Check out this wicked review by Cyril after the install.

‘Highly recommend NRG panel for Solar Panel systems, after a lot of research and many quotes I selected NRG as best value and expertise on the market. They did up detailed plans with solar gain and suggested the panel setup to charge two EV’s from a Zappi, an Eddi for hot water and had it all done in half a day. Lovely people to deal with from Conal to Naomi very knowledgeable and helpful.’’


UPDATE: Cyril updated us on his savings with the increase in the cost of living he has redone the maths taking into account higher diesel prices, ROI was 30 months but he got the entire €7,200 cost back in mostly diesel savings on two EVs and his last electric bill for 2 months was €34 ! Last years electric bill was €700 and €300 of that was standing charges etc

He also estimated that he will get €193 back on the FIT as he has a day night meter…. Amazing !!!


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We are the leading installer for solar panels Dublin and nationwide and our customers agree!


We use a consultative approach, so you will not get that pushy sales pitch that is all too prevalent in our industry – our consultants are highly trained and our solar panel consultations are completely free.

You have no obligation to proceed with the install if you decide solar PV is not for you after the consultation. However, you may like the idea of saving up to 50% on your electricity bills along with heating your water, charging your car, reducing your carbon footprint and getting paid for excess energy.

Who knows, maybe you could be part of our case studies next year!