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Solar Panels for Business

solar panels

€162,000 seai grants available


Reduce your electricity bills by up to 50%

ROI in as little as 5 years

25-year warranty on commercial solar panels

Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability

No moving parts and no maintenance

Market leading after-sales service

Specialist grant application support

Installations across Ireland. 

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3 steps to install Commercial SOLAR Panels

1. Request a quote – complete the following form and we’ll take it from there.

2. Our commercial solar installation specialists schedule a free survey, discuss your needs and goals, design the solution and issue a quote.

3. Finally, we’ll schedule an installation date to complete your Solar Panels for Business solution.

Start Your Journey to a Green, Money Saving Future With NRG Panel!

Your Business Saves

Reduced Carbon

Embrace a cleaner, greener tomorrow with our services, delivering up to 30% reduction in carbon emissions. Your sustainable future starts here.


Electric Bills

By installing our commercial solar panels, you have the potential to slash your electricity bills by over 50% annually, experiencing huge savings on your bills .



Commercial solar panels present an excellent investment opportunity, boasting an impressive return on investment (ROI) in as little as 5 years and a lifespan exceeding 30 years.


Solar Panels for Business Installation Example showing solar panels installed on the roof of a retail unit

36 panel commercial solar PV installation – retail.

Solar Panels for Business Installation Example image showing solar panels installed on the roof of a church

Solar Panels for Business installation – church.

Panels for Business Installation Example showing solar panels on the roof of a car dealership

Commercial solar PV system – car dealership.

Commercial Solar PV FAQs

Yes, commercial solar panels are worth it.

When designed and implemented correctly, a commercial solar PV system can achieve an ROI in as little as 5 years. And even sooner in some cases.

The ever improving technology, their reducing costs, combined with SEAI grants (although gradually reducing) makes commercial solar panels worth it, today.

Additional factors that make solar panels for businesses worth it, include:

  • Demonstrates a company’s commitment to sustainability, therefore, helping meet certain directives and creating PR opportunities.
  • Reduces risk from energy price volatility.
  • Tax relief.
  • Immediate reduction in electricity bills and carbon emissions.

Ultimately, our Solar Panels for Business solution helps future-proof your business.

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Businesses installing solar panels can avail of grants that range from €2,700 to €162,600.

This support is available through the Non-Domestic Microgen Grant (NDMG) scheme.

The specific grant amount a business can avail of is based on the standard output of the system.

The maximum grant value of €162,600 is reached with a 1000kWp system.

Smaller commercial solar PV systems have lower likely grant values.

SEAI gives example grant values for varying solar PV system sizes, including:

Example System SizeGrant Value
7kWp solar PV system€2,700
20kWp solar PV system€6,600
100kWp solar PV system€22,600
500kWp solar PV system€87,600


While not necessarily specific to solar PV, several other business grants are available for companies interested in becoming more energy efficient.

These business grants include:

  • EXEED Grant Scheme.
  • Energy Efficiency Obligation Scheme.
  • Accelerated Capital Allowance.
  • Support Scheme for Renewable Heat.
  • Support Scheme for Energy Audits.
  • Energy Contracting Support Scheme.
  • Energy Contracting.

Details about each grant is available on

The cost for a business to install solar panels depends on many factors including the number of solar panels required, solar panel size, panel type and quality, overall system requirements (e.g. batteries, hot water diverters), available grants, and more.

Ultimately, the cost of installing a solar PV system varies from business to business.

But for some context, the starting price for Solar Panels for Homes typically start from around €7,500 for a 2.5kWp system before any grant subsidies.

To find out how much it would cost to install solar panels for your business, request a quote using the form above.

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Start with SEAI registered non-domestic solar installers.

The complete list of SEAI registered solar installers, including NRG Panel, can be found here. Be sure to select “non domestic” to see commercial solar installers.

To avail of solar PV grants, installations must be completed by an SEAI registered installer.

SEAI registration helps ensure best practice, tax and insurance compliance. However, SEAI does not endorse any specific solar installer so more due diligence is required.

Check for ISO accreditation

ISO accreditation indicates a solar installer’s commitment to maintaining high standards in operations and management practices. 

This helps ensure you choose a solar PV partner that’s reliable, has consistent quality, and adheres to best practices. In turn, this reduces the risk of a subpar installation and after-sales support.

Here at NRG Panel, we are proud of our triple ISO accreditation.

Find references and reviews

Reviews provide insights into a solar installer’s service quality, which helps ensure you choose the best solar PV partner for your business.

Negative reviews, or even hidden reviews, can indicate potential issues or concerns.

Here at NRG Panel, we’re proud of our exceptionally high review rating. Our reviews on Google can be found here.

Ask about warranties and partners

Additionally, to find the best commercial solar installer ask about:

  • Their warranties (product and workmanship warranties, e.g. NRG Panel offers 25-year product warranties and a 5-year workmanship warranty).
  • Their business partners (e.g. NRG Panel are Electric Ireland’s official partner).

This, combined with the above, will help you identify the best commercial solar installer for your business.

The best solar panels for businesses are high-efficiency, Tier1, N-Type, bifacial, monocrystalline panels with a class A fire rating, and long-term product and performance warranty. 

The solar panels must also be suitable for the Irish climate, so wind tolerance, operational temperature, etc., must be considered.

Also, in addition to solar panels, the complete solar system must be considered.

NRG Panel install the best solar panels and complete solar solution, as standard.

There are planning permission exemptions for solar panels on rooftops of businesses, industrial buildings, farms, community and educational buildings, along with several other buildings.

More details on planning permission exemptions can be found on, here.