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Solar Panels for Farms
future-proof your farm

with Agricultural
solar panels

€90,000 TAMS 3 grant available


Reduce your farm’s electricity bills

25-year warranty on agricultural solar panels

Specialist grant application support

Market leading after-sales service

Reduce your carbon footprint

No moving parts and no maintenance

Reduced risk from energy price fluctuations

Installations across Ireland. 

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3 steps to install Agricultural SOLAR Panels

1. Request a quote – complete the following form and we’ll take it from there.

2. Our agricultural solar installation specialists schedule a free survey, discuss your needs and goals, design the solution and issue a quote.

3. Finally, we’ll schedule an installation date to complete your Solar Panels for Farms solution.

Start Your Journey to a Green, Money Saving Future With NRG Panel!


Reduced Carbon

Embrace a cleaner, greener tomorrow with our services, delivering up to 30% reduction in carbon emissions. Your sustainable future starts here.


Electric Bills

By installing our agricultural solar panels, you have the potential to slash your farm building’s electricity bills by over 50% annually, experiencing huge savings.



Solar Panels for Farms Installation Example showing 50+ agricultural solar panels on the roof of a farm holding

50+ panel agricultural solar PV installation.

Solar Panels for Farms Installation Example showing solar panels on the roof of a farm building

Solar Panels for Farms installation.

Solar Panels for Farms Installation Example showing solar panels installed on the flat roof of a farm building

Agricultural solar PV installation – flat roof.

Agricultural Solar PV FAQs

Yes, solar panels for farms are worth it.

When properly designed and installed, an agricultural solar PV system will generate a positive return on investment.

Current grants, tax efficiencies and reduced equipment costs make agricultural solar panels a worthwhile investment today.

However, grants are expected to be gradually reduced or become increasingly limited.

Additional benefits for farms after installing solar panels include:

  • Immediate reductions in electricity bills and carbon emissions.
  • Reduced risk from energy price fluctuations.
  • Greater energy independence.
  • Helps demonstrate the commitment to sustainability on the farm.

Ultimately, our Solar Panels for Farms solution helps future-proof your farm.

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Farm grants for solar panels vary.

The TAMS 3 Solar Capital Investment Scheme offers grants to farmers developing or improving certain farm buildings and equipment.

The grant is paid at a rate of 60% up to the max investment ceiling of €90,000.

As a result, the grant value varies.

The minimum investment required to be eligible for this farm grant is €2,000.

More details on this scheme can be found on, here.

Another grant opportunity for farms that should be considered is the Non-Domestic Microgen Grant, and also, farmers with homes separate to their holding may be interested in the standard domestic Solar Electricity Grant.

Other financial incentives for farms may also be applicable, such as Accelerated Capital Allowance.

All these incentives combine to make agricultural solar PV a compelling opportunity for Irish farmers.

Since each farm and farm building has unique energy needs, the cost of a solar PV system can differ significantly from one farm to another.

The cost to install solar panels on a farm varies based on many factors, including the number of panels needed, the size & type of panels, the quality of the panels, the overall system requirements (such as batteries and hot water diverters), and many more factors. 

Available grants also influence the total cost.

But for reference, the starting price for a domestic solar PV system is typically around €7,500 for a 2.5kWp system before any grant subsidies.

To get an accurate estimate for your farm, please request a quote using the form above.

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The complete list of SEAI registered solar installers, including NRG Panel, can be found here. Be sure to select “Non Domestic” to see agricultural solar installers and check the “Serving Counties” column to ensure they cater to your location.

To avail of solar PV grants, installations must be completed by an SEAI registered installer.

SEAI registration helps ensure best practice, tax and insurance compliance. However, SEAI does not endorse any specific solar installer so more due diligence is required.


ISO accreditation indicates a solar installer’s commitment to maintaining high standards in operations and management practices. 

This helps ensure you choose a solar PV partner that’s reliable, has consistent quality, and adheres to best practices. In turn, this reduces the risk of a subpar installation and after-sales support.

Here at NRG Panel, we are proud of our triple ISO accreditation.


Reviews provide insights into a solar installer’s service quality, which helps ensure you choose the best solar PV partner for your farm.

Negative reviews, or even hidden reviews, can indicate potential issues or concerns.

Here at NRG Panel, we’re proud of our exceptionally high review rating. Our reviews on Google can be found here.


Additionally, to find the best agricultural solar PV installer ask about:

  • Their warranties (product and workmanship warranties, e.g. NRG Panel offers 25-year product warranties and a 5-year workmanship warranty).
  • Their business partners (e.g. NRG Panel are Electric Ireland’s official partner).

This, combined with the above, will help you identify the best agricultural solar installer for your farm.

The best solar panels for farms in Ireland are high-efficiency, Tier1, N-Type, bifacial, monocrystalline panels with a class A fire rating, and long-term product and performance warranty. 

The solar panels must also be suitable for the Irish climate, so wind tolerance, operational temperature, etc., must be considered.

Also, in addition to solar panels, the complete solar system must be considered.

NRG Panel install the best solar panels and complete solar solution, as standard.

There are planning permission exemptions for solar panels on farms, businesses and several other buildings.

So planning permission is not required for solar panels on farms under certain conditions.

These conditions are different for rooftop and ground mounted solar PV systems.

The planning permission exemptions, and grants, for farms are aimed at increasing the uptake of solar in the agricultural sector in Ireland.

More details on planning permission exemptions can be found on, here.