Solar panels Ireland cost varies widely within the renewable energy sector. The main thing to remember is that all solar panels are not the same. It is extremely important to do your research on the company and indeed the products they use.

Always use a SEAI registered installer to ensure works are carried out to a high standard, along with guidelines. Always ask the company what products they use and what warranties and after sales service they provide. This is an investment you want to make sure you are using a reputable company who will be there for you when you need them.

Here at NRG Panel we use top quality products sourced directly from Europe with some of the highest warranties and efficiency levels on the market.

We use Italian made Peimar monocrystalline 380w solar panels on our installs, these solar panels are produced using a combination of innovative production processes and advanced engineering techniques, providing you with maximum output and super high performance. This modern design uses matching black cells and frames and have a very long lifespan of 30+ years. This is backed by a 20-year product and 30-year performance warranty.


Solar Panels Cost Varys

As we already mentioned It is really important that when you are comparing quotations for Solar Panels  you compare like with like on all components of the system. You also need to consider the company you are dealing with.

It is very hard to give a direct quote as it all depends on the type of solar panel system the consultant designs for you, but prices start from around €6,000 depending on what you go for.

There are also buy now pay later options available so you can spread the cost of your system across a couple of years.

The Solar Panel system designed for you is dependent on a number of factors including your electricity usage, lifestyle and the details of your home and roof, this is why it is important to have a consultation to ensure we are offering you a bespoke system specifically designed for your needs.

It would be easy for us to put any sized system on your roof and give you unrealistic savings expectations. We could install at any orientation, not taking your usage or shading into consideration just to get a sale, and unfortunately this is not rare within the industry.

However, this is NOT how we operate at NRG Panel, and this along with our after sales care is what merits us being market leaders in Ireland. We are honest with our estimates, we treat each home as unique and we take the time to design a bespoke system specifically for your needs.

Get a system designed for your needs today by a company who cares

As the Leader for Solar Panels in Ireland, NRG Panel can help discuss all of your needs whilst you are comfortable in knowing we are the best in the industry.



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