Solar PV Grant is HERE of up to €3,800 ! Bare Roofs will soon be a thing of the past !!

Save money with Solar PV Panels

Your home’s roof could be saving you money right now. By installing our Solar Photvoltaic (PV) panels your home can generate clean, green renewable energy from daylight – a free and natural resource.

Grant amounts available

Solar PV – €700/kWp

Battery Storage System – €1,000

* €700 for every kWp up to max 4kWp. Any installation over 2kWp must install a battery.

The benefits

Cheaper electricity bills
Improve your BER
Reduce your emissions
Free Hot Water

How to apply

1. Check if you’re eligible for the grant

Complete a short quiestionnaire to check if you are eligible for the scheme. You will receive an email shortly afterwards stating whether you are eligible or not.

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