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servicing & REPAIR

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If you’re an existing NRG Panel customer seeking aftersales support for your solar thermal installation, kindly click the button below to reach our aftersales department.

If you’re not currently an NRG Panel customer but are interested in solar thermal servicing and repairs, please reach out to us using the contact form below.


Here are just some of the advantages of solar thermal servicing


Regular servicing ensures that your solar thermal system operates at peak efficiency. Technicians can identify and address any issues that may hinder performance, such as leaks or faulty components, helping to maximise the system’s energy output.


Routine maintenance helps to prolong the lifespan of your solar thermal system. By identifying and resolving potential problems early on, you can prevent minor issues from escalating into major, costly repairs.


A well-maintained solar thermal system is more energy-efficient, which translates to increased savings on your utility bills. Regular servicing ensures that all components are functioning optimally, allowing the system to capture and utilise solar energy effectively.


Regular servicing helps to ensure the safety of your solar thermal system. Technicians can inspect the system for any potential hazards, such as leaks or electrical issues, and take necessary precautions to mitigate risks.


Many solar thermal systems come with manufacturer warranties that require regular servicing to remain valid. By adhering to the manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines, you can ensure that your system remains covered under warranty in case of any defects or failures.

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No matter who installed your solar thermal system, rest assured, we’ve got you covered.


Our expert team specialises in servicing all types of solar thermal systems, regardless of the original installer.


With our comprehensive maintenance and repair services, we ensure that your system operates at peak efficiency, maximising your energy savings and prolonging its lifespan.


Whether you need routine maintenance, troubleshooting, or upgrades, our experienced technicians are here to provide top-notch service and support.

  Trust us to keep your solar thermal system performing at its best, no matter its origin.

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servicing faq’s

You should service your solar thermal system to ensure optimal performance, extend its lifespan, maximise energy savings, enhance safety, and maintain compliance with warranties and regulations.

Generally, it’s recommended to service your solar thermal system at least once a year to ensure it remains in good working condition. However, factors such as system age, usage patterns, and local climate may influence the frequency of servicing.

The duration of a service for a solar thermal system can vary depending on factors such as system size, complexity, and any issues identified during inspection. Typically, a service can take a few hours to half a day to complete.

You may need servicing for your solar thermal system if you notice decreased performance, such as reduced hot water output or increased energy consumption. Additionally, signs of damage, leaks, unusual noises, or system error messages are indicators that servicing may be required. Regular inspections by qualified technicians can also help identify issues before they escalate, prompting the need for servicing.

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Our SEAI registration assures compliance with stringent energy efficiency standards. By choosing us, you gain access to SEAI level servicing. We offer expertise in delivering high-quality, eco-friendly solar thermal servicing. Trust our SEAI registration for reliable and efficient servicing solutions.

iso accredited

We are ISO-accredited and boast certifications in quality management, health and safety management, and environmental management from the International Standards Organisation (ISO). With these accreditations, ensure the highest standards of quality, safety, and environmental responsibility in every aspect of our services.

highly rated

We take pride in our stellar reputation, reflected in the glowing reviews and ratings from satisfied customers on Trustpilot and Google. Our commitment to excellence, reliability, and customer satisfaction is evident in the positive feedback we receive, solidifying our position as a trusted provider.