Budget 2020 - Climate Action

The Brexit Budget – What Budget 2020 Means for Climate Action

On Tuesday 8th October, Minister of Finance Paschal Donohoe delivered his 2020 Budget. Pitched as the “Brexit Budget” the overall budget pay package is €2.9 billion. While developed in the shadow of a no deal Brexit, Climate Change also took a staring role in this year’s budget with Minister Donohoe calling it a “defining challenge”.

But what is exactly being done to meet this “challenge” – a look at some of the main climate and environmental points of #Budget2020.

Climate Action:

The carbon tax is up €6 to €26 per tonne and applies from midnight tonight on auto fuels while other carbon tax changes to other fuels will come into effect in May 2020. The Government aims to have 600,000 heat pumps installed under the Climate Action Plan announced in June. Read more about heat pumps here.

The 1 per cent diesel surcharge introduced last year will be replaced with a nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions-based charge. This surcharge will apply to all passenger cars registering for the first time in the State from January 1st, 2020.

VRT relief for hybrid vehicles extended to 2020.

Benefit-in-kind zero rate on electric vehicles extended to 2020.

€8 million allocated to maintain grants for those buying electric cars.

€13 million for the Warmer Homes scheme to provide free energy efficiency upgrades to households deemed to be in or at risk of energy poverty.

Extra €5 million for peatland rehabilitation.

Agriculture & Rural Economy:

€3 million to pilot new agri-environmental schemes in 2020 to help to reduce emissions from the sector.

Increase of €384 million to the Department of Transport to €2.7 billion which will include investment in the rural transport.

You can read the full details on the Budget website.

What did you think of the Budget? Do you think it does enough to target climate change and achieve the goals outlined in the Climate Action Plan? Let us know in the comments below!

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