Underfloor Heating


Benefits of having Underfloor Heating:

  • The hot water temperature of low system enhances the competence of condensing boilers by up to 20% which perfectly complements heat pumps.
  • Underfloor generate radiant heat throughout the room. This heat transfers from warm source to the cold one. Entire floor emits heat evenly, here floor is the warmest part while the ceiling is the coldest one. This function opposite to the conventional radiator system.
  • Since underfloor is hidden inside the floor, therefore, there is no hot radiator or hard edge which can cause possible injury to the children. This makes this underfloor heating system the most preferred choice of primary schools and nurseries. It is a well-known fact that dry floor hinders the deposition of dust particles which plays a vital role in asthma and other allergies.
  • These days’ modern houses are designed with open spaces. In such houses, underfloor heating introduces flexibility of interior designing as no wall space is needed for the radiator. Besides this heating system provide warmth to tiles and stones which were unfriendly and cold earlier.

How underfloor heating works (the techy bit)


Underfloor heating provides an alternative option to conventional radiators. instead of the externally mounted radiators, the underfloor pipe is embedded into the floor.

A normal radiator system operates at 65-70 celsius whereas underfloor operates at a lower temperature of 25-45 celsius. The temperature is mixed at the underfloor manifold prior to entering the floor. modern energy efficient houses are perfectly complimented by underfloor heating due to the increased control capabilities and freedom of design.


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For more information on renewable energy go here: SEAI (Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland)

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