Good News: VAT on Solar Panels Reduced to 0% in Ireland

How Irish Households Can Save €1,000 on Solar Panel Installation

What is the VAT on Solar Panels in Ireland and How Has it Changed?

We have some exciting news for you if you are contemplating solar panel installation for your house or company in Ireland. The Irish government has announced that the VAT on solar panels has been dropped from 13.5% to 0%, saving homeowners around €1,000 on installation expenses this is set to be signed of by government this week.

The decrease in VAT on solar panels is a positive step that will make renewable energy more affordable to Irish householders. This is fantastic news not only for the environment, but also for people wishing to reduce their energy expenditures.

What are the Benefits of the VAT Reduction on Solar Panels?

The VAT decrease on solar panels will provide households with cheaper renewable energy and assist reduce the payback period by about a year, from 7 to 6 years. With the SEAI solar subsidy of up to €2,400 still available, the total average cost for a residential solar installation will be roughly €5,000-€7,000.

What Does the Future of Solar Energy Look Like in Ireland?

The Irish government has set a target of 5GW of solar energy by 2025, with a goal of increasing to 8GW by 2030. To assist in meeting this target, the government intends to put solar panels on all schools by 2025, beginning this summer.

Why Should You Choose Our Solar PV Installation Company?

As an Irish solar PV installation company, we applaud this effort and are committed to assisting families and businesses in obtaining cheap and sustainable energy solutions. To help our customers take advantage of this opportunity, we provide high-quality solar panels and installation services.

Thus, if you want to save money on your energy bills while also lowering your carbon footprint, get in touch with us immediately for more information about our solar panel installation services.

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