What are Mosquito Utilities?

Starting to feel the pinch of rising electricity prices? The following article will not solve the energy crisis we find ourselves in, however, taking a few key pointer from this piece will insure you are not wasting so much energy on Mosquito utilities.


So, you’re probably wondering what exactly are ‘Mosquito Utilities’ and how do they make you lose up to €655 annually?


Mosquito utilities are tools and devices that are left on standby wasting power even when not in use. These mosquito utilities usually have a standby or sleep setting or require one button to wake them up.


These kinds of devices are also referred to as remote-ready devices, ready to switch on with just one button click. Even though they might not look like they are in use, devices in standby mode still use electricity when plugged in as they need to upgrade their software, tape data, and link to remote web servers. Although they don’t use huge amounts of energy in standby, if fact just a fraction of what it would cost to run the device, however, if you have multiple utilities on standby for serval hours per day, you would be surprised just how much energy you are wasting.


Common Mosquito Utilities

Below we have listed some of the most common examples of mosquito utilities taking money out of your pocket:

  • Microwaves
  • Game consoles
  • TVs and satellite
  • Computers


Okay so we are all guilty of leaving some of these on standby but lets have a look at what are  the worst ‘Mosquito Utilities’ according to the average annual energy bill, and how much do they add to your bills?


Home Cinema system on standby – costing €162.40 a year

Laptop charger not in use – costing €131.06 a year

Sky box on standby – costing €162.40 a year

Printer on standby – costing €22.22 a year

TV/Monitor on standby – costing €22.22 a year


Okay so now we know what the main culprits are, lets take a look at the best way to prevent losing your money on those so called  ‘Mosquito Utilities’

How to cut Mosquito Utilities

The most common and easiest way to cut your Mosquito Utilities from using up electricity, and stop them from digging a hole in your bank account is to avoid using standby mode as much as possible. Remember, instead, you should unplug your appliances or switch them off completely at the mains. For device chargers such as laptops, tablets, and other chargers, you should try to save energy by making sure you don’t leave your chargers plugged in your devices once they finish charging.


Great, if you adapt these small changes to your lifestyle you will see a slight decrease on your monthly bills. If bills are still too much for you handle, maybe its time to start considering generating your own electricity for FREE … but how can you do this I hear you ask?


Adding solar PV to your property not only has environmental benefits but also can cut your electricity bills by 50%. The average payback period is just 8-10 years and with the microgeneration payback scheme and hikes in energy costs we expect this to decrease over the 30 year lifetime of the product.

Find out more about how you can start cutting your electricity bills by 50% by having a chat with Irelands solar experts. You can organise a free no obligation consultation where we are happy to answer any questions you have relating to solar no matter how far along the buying process you are.

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