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What is the Cost of Solar panels in Ireland? (Updated 2024)

About this article: You are in the stage of considering solar panels as a solution to save money on future electric bills and you have one burning question: What is the Cost of Solar panels in Ireland? 

We have you covered!

In this article, we outline several factors that have to be taken into account. Learn more about the quality of the solar pv, the positioning, how much electricity your solar system will produce, predicted future bills, and the payout of the system.

Next, discover information about the factors that influence the cost of solar panel installation,  how much is the solar PV grant in 2024 and why you should consider battery storage.

what are the best solar PV

If you want to know what are the best solar panels then we have good news for you. Jinko solar panels are at the top with quality, durability and efficiency in 2024. Those panels are vigorously tested for their best performance in different environments and they are the best choice for Ireland’s climate.

We use Jinko Tiger solar PV panels as they are the best in the market at the moment. Jinko Tiger panels, featuring monocrystalline technology, provide high efficiency, durability, and superior performance in solar energy generation. For full info go here.

Jinko Solar Panel
what side should my solar PV face?

The best is South. With a south-facing roof, your solar panels will produce the greatest amount of energy overall, but east or west-facing roofs can also work well and will produce energy for a large portion of the day.

If your roof is facing south-east, or south-west, then the production would be about 5% lower. If you are facing east or west, then production would be about 20% lower.

Please note though there are some benefits to east/west facing solar panels as their production matches standard consumption patterns – the panels generate in the morning and evening, when more electricity tends to be consumed, so you might not need a battery and might get to use more of your electricity produced.

North-facing roofs are the most unfavourable option for solar panels since they receive very little direct sunlight and to prevent you from disappointment we do not install solar panels on north-facing roofs.

what side should solar pv face?
calculate your savings


You can check our solar calculator for Ireland here. This will help you see how many panels might fit on your roof, the units of electricity per year you can expect, and what carbon footprint impact will the system have on the environment.
how much is the solar pv grant

how much is solar pv grant in 2024?

  • The grant towards domestic solar is currently €2100 (from 1st January 2024)
  • the grant is €800 per kWp up to 2kWp , that means that you are getting for the first 2kWp €1600
  • And €250 for every additional kWp up to 4kWp – max €2100


  • Maximum grant for systems larger than 4kWp: €2100 kWp system: €1,600
  • 3kWp system: €1,850
  • 4kWp system or larger: €2,100
how much is solar PV Grant
latest solar panels cost 2024

Explore the performance details tailored for a typical two-bedroom mid-terrace house in the heart of the Irish midlands.

Solar system: 3.4 kwp comprising 8 x 435w panels, strategically placed on the south-facing roof.

Generation: On a south facing roof in Ireland, a 3.4 kWh solar system can generally generate around 3,000 to 3,800 kWh per year.
Payback period: Your investment will be recouped in 6-7 years.
Environmental impact: CO2 saved: 1,045 kg/year This environmental benefit equals 8,038 km of 1.3 flights from Dublin to New York.

Two Bed House with solar panels
should you get a storage battery?
dyness battery nrg panel

The advantages of solar energy battery storage include:

  1. Continuous Power Supply: Solar batteries provide around-the-clock power, allowing you to use stored energy during peak demand periods and evening hours, reducing reliance on utility-supplied electricity.
  2. Protection from Utility Price Hikes: By leveraging stored energy during periods of increased electricity costs, solar batteries shield you from utility price hikes, contributing to a stable monthly budget.
  3. Enhanced Energy Monitoring: Solar-plus-storage systems offer improved energy monitoring features, providing real-time insights into your system’s energy production.
  4. Increased Resilience: Solar-plus-storage systems move you closer to an “off-the-grid” status, reducing dependence on utility providers and ensuring your home remains powered even during community-wide outages.

If you’re contemplating the value of investing in solar batteries, the answer is a resounding yes! Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity to power your appliances and devices. Typically, solar panel systems include batteries that store solar energy for use during the night and contemporary cover for power outages. This additional energy storage yields numerous benefits, including reduced electric bills, backup power during outages, and enhanced solar energy production during peak demand periods.

The duration for which solar energy can be stored in a battery hinges on various factors, such as the type of battery and mainly what will you try to power with it. While there is potential for long-term storage, practical considerations introduce limitations. Energy losses occur in every transfer, with standard solar batteries typically retaining a charge for 1-3 days.

The quantity of solar batteries required depends on several factors. These include the size of your solar array, the desired duration of system operation without sunlight, and the depth of discharge (DoD) capacity. Tailoring the number of batteries to these considerations ensures optimal performance and efficiency.

As per our knowledge no. We didn’t have anyone complaining about battery deterioration. The manufacturers’ specifications state discharging Temp. Range -20~55℃. In Ireland, we have never registered such temperatures in the attic or a storage room. Consider the battery placement with our engineers first, to maximise storage and minimise deterioration.

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