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Why Do You Need Solar Panels in Your Home?

Using solar to power for your home might just turn out to be one of the best decisions you have ever made. Solar PV gives you an extended list of benefits that are tough to match, both in quality and in quantity. With the appropriate solar panel setup, you can look forward to enjoying advantages like a stream of hot water and a reduction in your electricity bill of 50%. You can have all these daily-life benefits whilst knowing that you are doing your part in saving the environment.


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Solar Panels are Environmentally Friendly

The biggest driving force behind the development of solar powered solutions has always been the unanimous aim of protecting the environment. Producing electricity is quite taxing. Most of the electricity we use today is produced by burning fossil fuels which releases high amounts of carbon and waste gases into the atmosphere, and with the usage of electricity being at an all-time high, the amount of carbon that is being released is genuinely scary. Pollution caused by producing electricity is a prominent contributor to global warming and many other accompanying ailments. Solar panels are a great alternative to helps us reduce the use of fossil fuels.

Now, granted the production of solar panels releases huge amounts of carbon. But we need to look at the bigger picture. Over a ten-year period (the typical lifetime of a solar panel is 30 years and beyond) an average solar panel can offset its initial manufacturing tax on the environment and begin to operate at a carbon deficit. To make an effort and try to help the planet, having solar panels installed in your home is your best option.


Reduced Electricity Bills

Solar panels allow you to reduce your reliance on the grid as you are generating your own electricity. This particular fact is noticeable immediately through your much reduced electricity bills. By using solar, you are eliminating the need for buying electricity by 50% and when your bill becomes half the size it used to be, you will notice. In fact, overtime, solar panels effectively end up paying for themselves by letting you make huge monthly savings – the current estimated payback is approximately 8 years, but we expect that to decrease even more as the cost of electricity continues to increase and the micro generation scheme which due to be introduced later this year were the homeowner will get paid for any excess energy sent back to the grid unused.


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Going Off the Grid

Depending on the number factors like electricity usage, roof size, orientation, shading, and system size, you can reduce your reliance on the grid massively – a correctly sized solar PV system could save you approximately 50% on your annual electricity bills.

However, installing solar panels on your roof does not mean that you’re off the grid. Most solar systems cannot consistently generate enough electricity to be a home’s only power source, which is why the vast majority of solar homeowners maintain a connection with their utility company. Plus, solar only produces energy in daylight hours so you would not be producing any in winter evenings or at night – if you were to increase your output from the solar panels to say 90%-100% – it is not advisable because firstly there would be a larger capital spend with longer payback period and a lot of the energy that you are producing would just go back to the grid. You can however increase the efficiency of your panels by being smart about how you use your electricity though – i.e staggering high consumption household items like washing machines / showers, installing a day-night meter, and using high efficiency appliances.


What About Batteries

Batteries are an optional add on to store surplus energy, we would only recommend a battery if you have a sizable system and are out of the home a lot, otherwise there wouldn’t be enough energy to charge the battery – batteries are expensive, so you need make sure it is viable for yourself – for those with smaller systems or those that are home a lot we would recommend a hot water diverter to use up your surplus energy. The hot water diverter is really popular as it reduces the need for oil/gas to heat your water.


Increased Property Value

Installing solar PV enables you to make your home more sustainable. Since electricity bills are one of the primary concerns of living, having it readily available at a lower monthly cost results in a higher sustainability score. Also, in some regards you are future proofing your home too. When installing solar panels, you can increase your BER depending on the size of solar panels array you install. All these incentives combined make your property more valuable. Potential buyers will find your property more attractive than the house next door because they see a clear savings benefit of owning it. The higher demand leads to a higher price tag.


Should I Switch to Solar Panels?

Solar panels are a great investment for many reasons. They help you have a good impact on the environment by reducing your carbon footprint. They ensure lower stress levels by reducing your bills. Along with this they also increase the value of your property. It really is one of those rare deals where you just don’t stop winning.

It is however important to choose a reliable solar PV installer – one that is SEAI registered, and ISO accredited, one that is PCI compliant and has years of experience in the industry, it is also advisable to check out customer reviews as those are honest reports as to how a company operates and the satisfaction levels of their customer base.

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